Friday, February 29, 2008


Flush with joy today and I realized it had nothing to do with you. Until I realized it, of course. Empty sweep of a dirty room I longed for. The flutter of my mind was not enough to bring the sun I hoped to wake up to. One morning left as I stretched and shivered under that borrowed blanket.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Sprained winged traveler
foot don't fail
frosted lip
dusted wing
unhinged lyric
sing your sweet song

Friday, February 22, 2008


blue eyes, how you made me swallow what I wanted to spit. Travel with me with a laugh and wink. I sat in the back of that van as the snow fell, I was almost there. Sam begged for my sandwich, I blindly dreamed of everything I was headed for. The fear of lies never entered. Blind and deaf I flew to our engagement. If only I had heard, if only I had seen, if only I had smelled the powder of your mind.

brandished with spit

Haven't seen the tender side of my hand in a while. Works been coarse, my mind bruised. Our last smoke was brandished with spit. Did not matter the directions we split. You ended where you will, maybe tell me. I ended shaken and stiff. Nonsense got tossed at the last curve. I hoped to find you with a thumb out stretched but the road was beautifully quiet. In the quiet and darkness I forgot I was looking for anything at all. Peace seeped into me as the wind kissed my face. The flickering nothingness became mesmerizing.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


as they ran, I could not keep up with the tears. The race was set before the stretch. Before I could stumble, the wind was stolen. No lean meat was left. The feast was over as soon as it started. Hungry shank of what you wanted was not wasted, for it was not tasted. The heat could not be bought with simple winks, this was for real. Your neck was wet honestly.

Friday, February 15, 2008

mouth breather

No one shocks to shock. No one shocks. Flags of independence are only one more sheet I have soiled. Screw your bulbs one more time. Replace your 60 watt with a 40 watt and you have accomplished something so many have searched so long for. You have dialed it down. Good for all of us. Thank you. Turn the light back on and see what is left. Same compatriots waiting to take up your non cause? It's ok mouth breather, rest easy, no one cares.


Horace the walrus felt complete. Fish in the shack and ice on the bridge. Fire in his eye and ice in his loins was the key. Or was it vice versus?


zig zagged split attention. run, pant, think, move blindly anyway. step or not to step. what is the peril? what is the joy? Look. see. Look. don't. can't live in service, can you live in freedom? fodder feed or god fear? bullet holes show where your mind escaped. bring anything with it? no one cares, maybe you would like to see the proof. where did you see who you have become? talk gibberish to me one more time, one more time before my paitence is spent. stagger all you want, i wont leave my knife in your back. Start all over again.

Monday, February 11, 2008


You don't know how to curl your fist. Have you ever steered the back of the truck? Ever burnt out a stump with a graveyard fix in the middle? Bat in one hand as you threaten the boy. One more step and I go and get the shotgun...........................................................Two blows and peace with the man. Vanilla tobacco curled from his peaceful pipe. No re-payment was asked for. You been favoring that shoulder long enough boy, get up!


As i effectively dissolve your thoughts ,I swallow the pill of your wandering. Your face you found is not my fortune. Turn and spin and turn and run. Your billowing locklets was the only price worth paying. The belly slide this side of giddy was all I wanted you to leave me with anyway. Can you purse your purple lips one more time baby?

Sunday, February 10, 2008


I watched as the waves ripped across the billboard project. Neil sung to me from Massey. A touch of melancholy but I did not feel helpless. The purple sky had changed for the eighth time. I had changed as drastically as the snow, wind, sun, snow patterns. As I settled down, my heart swelled, my mind swam. The light slipped away and I wonder if it took you with it.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Almost lost one of the greats today. Some ass almost squandered what was not theirs to squander. Pay attention the next time you grip that wheel and hit the right peddle instead of the left. That blown by sign, crush of noise, explosion of glass and air bags, dizzying array of time suspended, might be more than a mistake to someone else. Might be a rope tied to one of the buckets of life that you just dropped to the bottom of the well. Well you can guess how I would suck the marrow of your soul dry. Don't try to pay for something you can not afford. Don't take what you can not replace. Don't make excuses, look straight ahead and take a walk with me. Maybe I can explain.

yellow room

The yellow room will always be there. Much passed across that old table, much kicked beneath it. What was ate, what was drank, what was sung, what was left out? Yellow room was stolen and squandered by fools. Tied that old table to my back, carry it to this day. Do you know how it sings sometimes? Pushes me right along with a tear stained smile. Close to putting the legs back on that old girl. One night, one tale, one more start. The color of the room will be stitched together by our joy. Steal that fool, steal that.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

ain't enough

that ain't enough she said as I emptied my pockets. Feeling a tad lost and small, I croaked a stifled reply. She spoke as the wind came in. I immediately was distracted. Nothing left to do I thought as I sung and picked my shoe heels clean.

Friday, February 1, 2008

black eyes

dreams of you. walks with the bitter wind. kiss of what you get. I cried not easy, you returned the favor with a tear. No one was upset. Red hair and blue tears guided me to the door. Black and blue eyes made my trip down the stairs memorable. Sniff not what you can not smell, I think you blindly said. Flip the quarter, find tails, you find me. Is that not the map you left me with? Red eyed I fall into the blown up bed of your inspirations. Air don't whistle your secrets. Much as I thought, I could not find you in the folds.

fake bones

limp legged and pitiful you cross my line. paitence you depend on. sleep is not your fear as you approach me. ragged and runny eyed you sob your tale. for the fear of your dark, i whisper a lie. my cuff is spared momentarily. I cut as you bite. Whom was saved?

rings red

For the lonely eye. Confess the blue. Hug the empty wind. Sing your blue song till it rings red. Nothing left to tell you. Which flower did you hope to smell anyway? Just go ahead.