Monday, January 21, 2008

careful that

The glint of your teeth told me it was right. Exhilarated I steadied. You still shook. Kiss of sweat slowly cooled. Reluctantly pulled the cover across my sight. Fingers trembled as the last touch was stolen. I tread away as you cough you may have fallen. Careful that. Im on the cold street wiping last sip of red from my lips. Conclusions are useless. My step rings certain. It hits me too late. Falling into the leaves I breath in your musk.

The Q

Hurtling towards her on the Q. Children singing the alphabet behind me. Character from a Homer painting across from me. The rhythm of the rails rattling a forgotten feeling. New sounds, old sounds, sweet sounds. Song finding its footing. Knew what I had to do. How I missed you. How I ached. I could not acknowledge these feelings without you a breath away.

Friday, January 18, 2008

not what you came here for

Saving face is not an option. The country is on a slippery slope. Idiots have steered my steel chevy into the ditch. My money means nothing. My labor means less. My sweat has no equity. On top of my craft yet at the bottom of the pile. Idiots feed and drink off my back blindly. Am I not supposed to take note? Are you? The next slew of contenders are worthless. We are in for the long haul if we have any hope for change in this brilliant country I call home. I don't believe in homegrown, aw shucks I love this country cause im merican god damnit! I believe in this place for many reasons. My family was always barely getting by. Good schools were the path out of a meager existence. I got a fairly good and completely free education. I am sad to see what most kids are getting fed as education today. Are we on a path to raise the dumbest generation yet? If we are, to what end? Are our children to be led by the noses and made to believe that they are part of a democracy? A controlled situation where you believe you make a difference does not constitute democracy. I don't have a kid and the situation scares the shit out of me. I don't need one of my own to be concerned. This situation is hairy. Do I need to offer a good cup of coffee to you sleepy jokers? Guess what, the time to wake the fuck up is past. Look past your 401k, your leather seats and flat screens, reality is barrelling towards us. If you don't want to wake up long enough for yourself, put a bit of effort in for your child. Somehow we have stuck our heads so far up our asses that we feel ok with the way the ship is being sunk. A new captain can't save this unfortunate sail, it's going to take a mighty effort from the crew. Just fell through my soap box... so get back to ramblin.


The shaking hips of that honey will pollute my mind till it extinguishes. Not bad pollution. To scan my innards would ruin most. It is too much. It has nearly ruined me and I chose every step.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

muffled eyes

You were sad to see that low hung moon. It pierced the window. Ciao bella luna! Your eyes muffled, your ears blind. No hot tear was going to fall. My lungs heaved as my hand shook. I was not shining with much light. The whisper was a choke. Thunder clapped in that clear sky.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

burp of ignorance

The cough of brillance. The burp of ignorance. The bubbling up of my stupidity. The gap that is my mind. The float that is your paddle. The canvass we stare at blankly. Toss your paint at will. Follow me. Or lead.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

319 and wallow

Ten cent songs and dollar thoughts rudely billow past my cage. No peck left in the order. Cat walking across the keys leaves my ear with an original song. Sorry I wasn't there. My heart and mind spit and shook and then found different trains. Both had working class tickets, left me with a first class ticket to good old lonely emptiness. As the burnt out landscape of loneliness trucked past I found I was not empty after all.

precision angel

Tear up the letter. Throw your panties onto the turnpike. Talk has melted. Smear your makeup. I saved a hair, I couldn't swallow it. Renew your scent. Shy does not suit you. Cut cut fun fun bleed bleed, had your share. Precision angel you are. Precision angel you must. Too many answers, not too many questions. Find me amongst the lead. Loose me in your breath.

Fear of feed

First fire on the wire. Plugged into bright emptiness. Full notebook weeps as my tips stumble. Joy of chaos is saddle worn and all my tricks are barn sour. Gonna have to ride this one in without reins of any sort. Sock full of soap and a real rain. Sloshing in my saddle, lost but for the slant gaze. Fear of feed makes not my steed weep. Not such a short ride as I cross the arid absence of your imagination.


The suck face of your comfortable love is not smoke from my pipe. The ass slap of good love clowns is not my sleep. Dream away the import of your step. My patience is spent. Lay it down clown. Am I listening? Is anyone?

Monday, January 14, 2008


as my eyes bleed, my veins ran to the river.
The huff of my lung was the crest of the bridge.
The soles of my feet were lost.
Fingerprints were naught but a memory.
Tears were my river, doubt was my oar, explain was the name of my canoe.

Kevin's Swim

To swim into the rip current is the only choice.
If a man is not about to drown, than the man is not about to live.
The push is the only way to find the give.
The breath is had when the surface is broke.
The kiss in the shadow?
OK for a moment.
The embrace will save you.
The breath, the grasp, the sigh---that is all.