Monday, January 17, 2011


Midnight and felt like the sun was around the corner. Trying to beat the rays through my blinds while I thought of you. There was no traveling going to save the heel. As I curled my toes in pain, your face floated to me. I wanted nothing more than to run through the woods to you. No one told me that they had burnt down. I choked as I spoke your name out loud. Done coughing I squeeze my ribs and wonder.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


The chain for the neon Genessee sign is pulled and my set is just beginning to play. I need to walk across the stained floor. I hear the door being pulled closed and bolted as I brace for the night air. I can't move though. I could feel my beard growing as my nails dug into the bar. As I pulled myself up the bartender called me Jim and asked if I wanted one for the road. I could enjoy my set if I ignored the mopping.

14 blocks

The frost was quickening my pulse. I had impulsively ran out the door with out enough on. The cold was like steel hitting me. I had gone fourteen blocks before I realized I was chasing a dream I had already woke up from. I didn't like the reality of the situation and wished I was still a sleep. There was nothing left to do as I contemplated my own punishment. It would come slowly, but it would surely come. I gritted my teeth and headed back.