Wednesday, February 4, 2009


His hands were steady as he pulled another knot tight on my cheek. I felt a drop of blood fall as he tightend it. The shot, the booze, my hard headedness, took the pain out of it. Just one more interuption in an otherwise good night of drinking. The ER had taken way too long. I was ready to leave a long time ago. I let others convince me that this was the best option. Must stop bleeding! I was not going to bleed to death. They were afraid my scar was going to be too much. I was missing the moan of the street and couldn't think of charisma lost. The nurse dabbed my face with what smelt like an iodine soaked gauze. My belly rumbled for a hambuger as my loins screamed out for pussy. It was something about laying there some what in others control that sent my mind scittering. I really did want a burger. I really did need a woman. Being inert opened the neediest chanels. I could move but was not allowed to. I found I was hungry for the most basic of needs. My friend took me around the corner to a Greek diner and insisted we have a burger. He was old fashion in the sense that if you loose blood you must eat meat. We did just that. I would have never escaped his kindness if I hadn't slipped out to the street while he was washing his hands. The cool sunny air kissed me good morning and whispered promises of complete healing.


The sun rose, the sun set. What I saw would stagger most. If I knew how to apologize for beauty I would, I don't. Staggering to find my feet, struggling for breath, I wonder if what I saw was true. No such beauty could be marked with paint and brush, no such stride could be replicated. The whisper, the moan, the kiss, the neck, leaves me feeling naked. Let me whisper once in that ear and I am sure I will make a fool of myself.